A winning partnership

Facilities Management Services Specialist, Opsis offers different levels of guaranteed services and uses the most up-to-date management and operating techniques, thus enabling its clients to focus on their core businesses, secure in the knowledge that the daily management of all other services is being handled by experts.

Our successful partnership with our clients is based on the listening skills, flexibility and efficiency that we have developed over the years.

Our success is also due to teamwork. The cornerstone of Opsis’s excellence is the synergy between the individual qualities of our collaborators.

Guaranteed Performance

With its «Guaranteed Results Contracts», Opsis makes a commitment to its clients about performance and savings, as well as about the quality of the maintenance and the optimization of their technical facilities :

  • lowest-cost guarantee
  • compliance with environmental standards
  • technological innovations for improved efficiency
  • maintenance, optimum operation and long service life of the equipment that it manages
  • safety of procedures and installations

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